The factory was built from scratch in 1974-1976 as the flagship of the Polish wood industry. It covers an area of over 34 hectares. Until 1992, it was called Sławieńskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drzewnego "Sławodrzew" (Sławno Wood Industry Company – Sławodrzew). Of the originally planned industrial conglomerate, the only part that was actually constructed was a sawmilling facility (without further timber processing). The project included a sawmill supplied by Swedish Soderhamn plus a wood handling and sorting line, a stacking facility, tunnel drying kilts, a packing facility and storage shelters. Also, a new Canter line for sawing mid-size wood based on disc chopping machines and sawing machines with discs were installed. In the mid-1980s, the factory sawed nearly 250 thousand cbm of logs and employed 600 people. At that time, Sławodrzew was the most modern and largest sawmill in Poland. Its main product was sawn timber, a small quantity of which was processed for floor planks and wall panelling. Although the Sławno Wood Industry Company was converted into a new company, called Sławodrzew, the sawmill was unable to make profits at the time of economic transformation in Poland and the resulting shift from the country’s centrally planned economy to a market economy. In 1998, the company was acquired by Koszalińskie Przedsiębiorstwo Przemysłu Drzewnego (Koszalin Wood Industry Company) in Szczecinek and Poltarex in Lębork. However, without the necessary restructuring efforts and without improving the economic effectiveness of its operation, the company was unable to survive on the market and went bankrupt in 2001. In 2002, it was bought by Polish investors and converted into Sławodrzew 3. Following shareholding changes in 2004, Sławodrzew 3 was converted into a new company called ABWood Sp. z o.o. The strategy adopted by the company’s shareholders at a time when it was difficult to supply wood logs to the factory involved a thorough modernisation project that was expected to maximise the processing of sawn timber into finished products to be sold at large global store chains. After a sawmill was put into operation in February 2003, in May 2003 production was launched at the Wood Processing Department. The first products were wooden bases for IKEA beds. In 2004-2005, the factory was equipped with chamber drying kilts with a total capacity of 1750 cbm of sawn timber. This, combined with tunnel drying kilts, provided a total capacity of 3000 cbm. In addition to the sawmill, the factory has three production halls with machines for producing solid wood furniture. The existing machines and equipment are state-of-the-art solutions supplied by reputable manufacturers and designed to ensure efficiency and safe work. The sawmill’s production capacity is approx. 160 thousand cbm of wood logs annually. In early 2006, a new production hall, covering 6000 sq metres, was put into operation, where furniture and furniture components are manufactured. In the same year, a new 14MW boiler room using wood waste was started up. In early 2010, we opened a new production hall, WM5, where varnished products are made. In addition to wood processing machinery, the hall is equipped with modern UV varnishing and spraying line. Today, ABWooid is the largest industrial company in the Sławno district. It employs 500 people, makes and sells tens of thousands of tables, beds and many other articles worldwide. It can be said that the company’s almost 40-year history is one of the many examples of the development and achievements of the Polish wood and furniture industry, an industry that has successfully overcome years of backwardness and today can compete with all its rivals worldwide.


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